Alex Patriquin

Marginalia & found poetry. Short fiction and other projects. Musings  on startups. Photos from NYC and travels.

Restaurant Overlooking Lake Superior

Late afternoon: only a few old men at the bar drinking and
talking quietly. Waitresses for the evening shift begin to ar-
rive. One stands a moment at the far end of the dining room
and looks out the window facing the lake. Snow is falling. The
lake is completely obscured, but still customers will ask for
tables near the window. A few early diners begin to arrive,
then others. Soon the room is filled with sounds, people talk-
ing, the rattle of dishes, the waitresses hurrying about. The
lake is a great silence beneath all the noise. In their hurry the
waitresses don’t look out the window. Yet, they are in her
service, silent a moment as they fill the glasses with water.

by Louis Jenkins